Greater Pensacola Seminole Club


Whether you live in Pensacola, Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton or Shalimar, you’ll find many FSU friends here. Our members are from all over Northwest Florida. We are a variety of ages and careers. Most importantly, we like to get together and have fun! We all have one common thread, one bond – pride in Florida State University. That feeling you get deep in your gut when you hear the fight song, the war chant, and the name – Florida State University!

During the Fall we get together for football viewing parties. Watching the games with us is the next best thing to being in Doak Campbell Stadium. We are also a stop for the Willie Taggert Spring Booster Tour, have an Annual Golf Tournament, and more events scheduled throughout the year. Please visit our Events Page for details on upcoming activities!

The Greater Pensacola Seminole Club has a deep rooted history back to 1920


Historical records show that initial discussions about forming alumnae clubs occurred in 1917 by the Florida State College for Women.  Several years later on June 2, 1920 the original eighteen local organizations where formed from Key West to Jacksonville and Pensacola and where called Flastacowo (abbreviation for Florida State College for Women) Clubs.

In May of 1947, the Florida State College for Women became Florida State University and men were admitted.  The clubs changed their names at that time to the Florida State Alumni Clubs.  With the coming of men’s sports in the intercollegiate athletes in the late 1940’s, and the organization of the Seminole Boosters, Inc. in the early 1950’s, the Booster Clubs were organized and some of the existing Alumni Clubs changed to become Booster Clubs to include and support the new university’s athletic programs, specifically football.

Charlie Barnes, Executive Director of the Seminole Boosters, Inc along with head football coach Bobby Bowden, began the Bowden Tour to many of the area clubs in the late 1970’s, particularly those in Florida and that accepted the charge by increasing the giving levels in support of Seminole football.

Under the leadership of then Vice President of University Relations Dr. Jim Pitts in 1992, it was determined that clubs would remove the name “Booster” or “Alumni” and call themselves Seminole Club.  Florida State University Seminole Clubs are a true representative of the university in a certain geographic area, and represents all interests of the University.

In 2011, the university decided that Seminole Clubs needed to change in response to the new millennium and the rise of the internet and satellite television, so they unveiled Operation CLUB.  Operation CLUB (Committing to Lead, Uniting Behind) was a 5 year plan that started on July 1st, 2011.  The plan called for a much stronger commitment from the university in leading it’s Seminole Clubs uniting them behind their effort for the advancement of the University.  The primary change in the structure was that local Seminole Clubs would no longer charge “local” club dues and would be directly supported by the university.