Greater Pensacola Seminole Club

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the chief governing body of the Greater Pensacola Seminole Club, representing the interests of the association’s members and constituents. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure the success of the club through the approval of an annual budget, setting policy, following the Strategic Plan, providing input, guidance, oversight and expertise.


Executive Officers


David Forte

Housing, 2003

Vice President

Scott Barnes

Criminology, 2010


Melissa Brock




Pam Childers

Accounting & Finance, 1988


Executive At-Large

Todd Weston




At Large Board Members

Board Member

Johnny Boyd


Board Member

Jeffrey Brock


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Board Member

Bruce Childers

B.A. 1978, FSU College of Law 1983

Board Member

Hugh Fones


Board Member

Larry Hicks


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Board Member

Susi Lyon